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I am so excited to announce the launch of our first online Mind of a Champion Class. In this course you will learn how to train your mind so you can compete at your best! The first 50 athletes will get the $499 class for just $299 - use the code "beachampion" The class includes the MOC workbook and free access to our online community! Enroll today!












  • 1-ON-1 Coaching
    HIGH ACCOUNTABILITY | CUSTOM SUPPORT Do you need a mindset mentor? Together we'll create an action plan based on your goals. Begin your transformation with Mind of a Champion Today. My role as a Mind of a Champion Coach is both educational and relationship-based. I help your athletes start to train their mind by equipping them with pre, mid, and post competition/practice routines that will help them start competing in a good place, recover from mistakes quickly, and play at their best under pressure. Mindset Coaching maximizes your ability to perform when it counts. Begin your Champion Training today and transform your performance in sports and in your life. MOC helps athletes increase their confidence + work through nerves so they can play consistently and take chances on the court that will grow their game. The MOC mindset training program gives athletes a mindset that will take their game to the next level. Your athlete will walk away with a solid foundation of mental toughness and increased confidence. START 1-ON-1 TRAINING
    BOOK YOUR TRAINING & BEGIN YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY. ​ Do you ever feel like you are the only one that struggles with comparison, negative self-talk, focusing on things you can’t control. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! After working for years with athletes one on one and hearing so many feel like they were the only ones struggling, we knew we needed to start this live course that teaches all the concepts we teach in our one on one course but athletes an opportunity to encourage and inspire each other. This course is named Iron Sharpens Iron from the verse that says “As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 Hearing another athlete say, “Me too!” can lift a fog of discouragement and give an athlete incredible hope, that they too can overcome the obstacle they are facing. This course will include quality instruction on training your mind as well as developing your leadership skills through videos, inspiring books, and impactful homework. In addition, each week you will get to hear from other like minded athletes and each session will end with an exciting challenge to complete that week that will grow and stretch everyone in the group. Athletes must complete Iron Sharpens I before advancing to Iron Sharpens II UPCOMING LIVE ONLINE COURSES Iron Sharpens Iron I - accelerated 6 weeks Course: Wed.'s 8-9:15pm | Jun. 3rd - Jul.15 Iron Sharpens Iron II - accelerated 6 weeks Course: Sundays 5:00pm | May 31 -July 12 Iron Sharpens Iron I - 12 week Course: Sundays 8:00pm | August 23-Nov 8 Iron Sharpens Iron II - 12 week Course: Wednesdays 8:00pm | Starts in August START YOUR LIVE ONLINE COURSE
    Is your team tired of unsatisfying results? Do you know how important mindset training is but you don’t know how to help your team be more mentally tough? We can help! Our proven Mind of a Champion Program will equip you and your program with routines and tools to play more consistently, to focus on what they can control, to recover from mistakes more quickly, and much much more. In addition to training your program, the first training session we do with your team we will ask that at least one parent of every player attends for free as we know that so many parents want to help their athletes succeed in their mental game but just need the tools to help. START TEAM TRAINING
    Get to the next level with our customized, on-site or live video workshops with your athletes, parents, coaches, program or athletic department. ​ Workshop: Is your team tired of unsatisfying results? Do you have another level of your game that you haven’t accessed? We have a process of coaching mindset so you can take your team's game to the next level to help you become a champion.I work with teams & coaching staff to introduce a team mental training program that is structured around your specific goals for the season. Whether you're looking for a few workshops or a comprehensive program that will take your team from tryouts to the tournament, the tools your athletes walk away with can be utilized year after year. I will also work with you (or an assistant coach), 1-1 to help troubleshoot any challenges throughout the season. ​ Whether you're looking for a mental training introduction, a workshop series, or a custom program, I can work with you to create a plan that will take your athletes' game to the next level. START TRAINING


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