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    Alan and Trisha Kroll built The Diff in the Fall of 2010. They established this non-profit organization with the sole purpose of trying to make a difference in the lives of young athletes. Alan and Trisha have had a heart for the Lord and helping impact young lives through sports for as long as they can remember.

    Alan was an All-American swimmer in high school and a collegiate swimmer at the University of Kansas. Following his college career, he landed an assistant coaching position for the swim team at the University of Kansas (KU)!  Now with 3 sons and two daughters,  Alan is coaching his kids on their youth teams in baseball, football, and basketball. Alan has also coached several club volleyball teams with Trisha.

    Trisha was an All-State volleyball player in high school and played Division I volleyball as a setter for the University of Kansas. While at the University of Kansas Trisha was introduced to a sport psychologist that was assigned to work with her volleyball team. This man became a hero of Trisha's and taught her how to win the battle on the 6" playing field between her ears. After graduating, Trisha got certified as a mindset coach and guided performance visualization coach and started the journey of passing on what she had learned to others.  Word spread and she was asked to speak with athletes and teams from other sports. In 2018, Trisha made a separate branch of The Diff just dedicated to helping athletes thrive in the mental part of their game.


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Mind of a Champion Coach
Diff Director of Content & Culture

Jenn played at the University of West Florida as a setter and previously played setter, outside attacker, and libero at Holy Family High School.

She transferred to CSU and finished her studies there. Jenn was coached by Trisha at Holy Family and joined the Diff team in 2012 as a Coach. In 2016, she got married and two children. In 2018, Jenn trained under Trisha and now is a dynamic MOC coach. Jenn has a passion for growing young athletes in their mental game and loves all aspects of Mind of a Champion training. 


Co-owner | Founder Mind of a Champion Training
Mind of a Champion Coach

A natural-born leader, Trisha is an inspiration for all MIND OF A CHAMPION athlete trainees. Trisha is a certified as a mindset coach and guided performance visualization coach. With her background as a Division I athlete, coupled with her mindset training and 20 years of coaching experience, Trisha has a huge impact on the growth and success of the athletes she trains.

Trisha works with athletes, coaches, and teams, inspiring each client to reach their goals while empowering them to think and perform like a champion.

Hear from Jenn Lucero

Hear from Jenn Lucero

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Coach - Mind of a Champion Training

Tracy Insalaco, formerly Tracy Stalls, enjoyed a 12-year elite indoor volleyball career, including: 

  • Longtime USA Women's National Team Member - Middle Blocker 

  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Alternate

  • NCAA National Champion, Captain, All-American - Nebraska Volleyball

  • Professional Volleyball Player in Turkey (2010, 2011)


Tracy feels privileged to have been taught by some of the best coaches in volleyball and is compelled to pass on the varied tools she has learned to young & hungry athletes.

She has coached in various capacities throughout her career, including those with USA Volleyball High Performance, USA Volleyball Coaches Clinics, Nebraska Volleyball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Haitian Volleyball Federation. She is IMPACT and CAP 1 Certified.

"One of the most invaluable tools I received as a young athlete was guidance from my club coach on how to think and how to process. I was never the best athlete in the USA gym, but my intangibles (those things that can't be measured on a stat sheet) kept me competing with the best of the best for a long time."