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Here is what our athletes, coaches, and parents are saying about MOC Training:

One on One Training


Trisha has helped me find my identity outside of my sport. Working with her has changed how I approach obstacles on and off the court because I know my value comes from who I am and not what I do. Every thing she has taught me and the tools she has equipped me with has helped me play more relaxed and know my worth is not defined by my performance. Trisha has helped me improve my mental toughness, and become the best competitor I can be while staying rooted in Christ.

Andi Jackson -Starting Middle #1 Ranked  University of Nebraska Volleyball & U19 USA National Volleyball Team Member



The discussions I have had with Coach Kroll have done more for me than just given me direction and application for improving my athletic mindset. They have also helped me wrestle with the lies I have been telling myself for years. The framework she uses gives back just as much as you put in. Spending the time to just think about why you think what you think is ground zero for the transformation you are seeking. I am excited to continue practice wearing new neural pathways that promote a mindset that finds joy in the challenge of athletics and life.

“The mind is a powerful place, what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way.” -NF (The Search)

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” -2 Corinthians 10:5

Mac Bloodsworth - Georgia Tech Track/Cross Country

Training with Trisha

I can confidently say that training with Trisha has completely changed me—not just as an athlete, but also as a person. She has given me the resources I need to feel not just confident but also eager to compete. My mentality and love for the sport has grown tremendously!  Instead of being stressed by the outcome, I now race with a sense of freedom and excitement for the opportunity. I couldn't have done anything in the water without Trisha!

Lawson Ficken - Auburn University Swimmer


Training with Trisha

The work I have done with Trisha  has completely changed the competitor I am for the better! I have learned an arsenal of tools and tricks to stay in a calm and collected head space while competing. Since working with Trisha, I have found much more joy in my competition setting. Trisha has also given me the ability to help my other teammates through setbacks in the competition arena, ultimately helping me reach my goal of being the best teammate and leader I can be. 

Ty Jordan - University of Michigan Gymnast


Both of my daughters, one a rising Junior in college competing at a top NCAA DI XC and Track program and the other, a highly ranked rising Junior in high school, have been through the entire "Iron Sharpens Iron" series and have worked with Trisha Kroll individually.  Trisha and her "Mind of a Champion" classes have been a blessing to my family. I simply cannot put into words how thankful I am for Trisha Kroll and "Mind of a Champion."


My older daughter, who competes NCAA DI cross country and track, has worked one on one with Trisha for three years. Being a highly competitive runner and athlete, she encountered success early in high school, but a myriad of difficulties during high school set her back mentally resulting in a lack of confidence in herself and a fear of the pain in racing. Starting her senior year of high school, Trisha has helped her to reprogram her approach to competition and racing from Christian perspective,  resulting in great improvement her senior year and on the collegiate level. Truly, her success can be traced directly to what Trisha has taught my daughter, and Trisha's ability to help her reframe her mind and perspectives as she enters a competitive enviroment. Though the journey has had great highs and lows, I can testify today that my daughter is a completely different athlete from several years ago and starting to realize her full potential. 


My younger daughter has enjoyed meeting girls from Colorado in other sports through "Iron Sharpens Iron" classes with both Trisha and mostly recently Coach Jenn.  She started in ISI as an 8th grader and, as a result, has avoided many of the issues that plagued my older daughter early in high school.   She has been able to manage minor setbacks in a healthy way before they grow into a larger problem. I highly recommend laying the proper mental foundation for sports through the ISI courses or working directly with one of the Mind of a Champion coaches. The Christian worldview of ISI applies to all aspects of life while training them to compete for God's glory.

Ruth Little - Georgia


Training with Trisha

I always knew I wanted to compete at a high level in volleyball and while I physically grew as an athlete my mindset seemed to hold me back from achieving my goals. Trisha helped me train my mind so that I can use it as a tool instead of a roadblock. Her training has completely changed how I approach volleyball and has absolutely better equipped me for life.

Emersen Strain - Volleyball - Creighton University

Training with Trisha 

The skills that Trisha taught me are hands down the best thing to happen to my kicking career. Through my time working with her so far I have gained so many skills that all lead to a confidence in my ability under pressure that I had never experienced before.  I have come to learn that training your mind is as if not more important than training your body.


Rhett Armstrong - Football -  Palmer Ridge High School 

MOC  1-0N-1  Training

Peyton Allart

“Before I started working with Trisha, I was a runner who gave up in the face of pain, feared failure, and felt like I was drowning in the cycle of trying to perform, but not living up to my God-given potential or expectations. I met Trisha at the Jim Ryun Running Camp in Colorado and used many of her tidbits that she shared with us there. However, I still struggled on my own. One day my Mom encouraged me to call Trisha and it is something that I will never regret. Trisha began by reordering my thoughts that lead to my emotions that lead to my beliefs about myself as a person and a runner. She changed my perspective of myself and taught me that my value comes from whom God created me to be and not what I do on the racecourse and she helped me re-frame my views of failure as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Although training the very powerful mind God has given us is a lot of work and takes a long time, I have come a long way thanks to Trisha's hard work and help. Trisha has helped me discover how to control my mind. “

Emily Little - Furman University 

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

Christian foxworth pic.JPG

Christian Foxworth

I was once a kid who broke down from my mental game and it cost me. After taking this course I was able to start and try to overcome that fear of making mistakes and being perfect."

Training with Trisha

Ashley Falk - Soccer - Texas A&M Corpus Christi​​

Working with Trisha has changed my game and who I am as a person. She has helped me overcome many obstacles I was facing. I now have tools that have made me stronger mentally. I have been able to play at my best more frequently and feel more confident in myself. I wouldn’t be the player I am right now if it were not for her help.


Our son is an elite high school distance runner who was about to begin his senior cross country season ranked among the top runners in the state that season and had already begun many D1 college recruiting visits so the pressure and anxiety around competing well was already starting to overwhelm him before the season began.  He began working with Trisha before the season began and she immediately helped him with reframing his negative thinking and anxious thought triggers.  She provided several incredibly helpful books and articles to read which aided his own self-recovery techniques.  Trisha would follow up with him before big races or college visits to help reinforce the work they were doing and this helped keep his skills honed and refined in critical moments of performance.  Our son was able to breakthrough some big mental hurdles that had consistently held him back from flourishing in critical races and we watched as he found a new sense of identity, peace and joy in his new found ability to perform at the highest level.  Trisha walked him through critical mental race strategy to break down his race into smaller goals he could rehearse before hand and use during the race.  This helped him execute perfectly his final race of the season leading to accomplishing his biggest high school goal yet!


Thank you Trisha, for your faithfulness to our son, for not judging him but accepting his difficulties but not letting him continue his patterns of self-anxiety but instead creating a new path forward toward breakthrough.  He has accomplished all of his performance goals he ever wanted in high school and is better prepared for running at a Division 1 College.

Todd Sandel

Testimonial from a College Coach

SWU Tennis Team Photo.JPG

The Southern Wesleyan University tennis team engaged in three mindset skills training sessions with Trisha Kroll.  These sessions were filled with practical ways to train our minds both prior to and during competition.  The concept of warming up your mind in preparation for competition was embraced by our players as they realized that often they only warmed up their bodies but ignored the all-important mental warm-up.  The ritual we learned for dealing with mistakes was essential for managing difficult situations we encountered during matches.  One of the important concepts we used repeatedly prior to matches was whether we were going to be a thermometer (letting the circumstances govern us) or a thermostat (controlling our emotions regardless of the circumstances).  Trisha was great in delivering material in a way that players could grasp and put into practice immediately.  The training was fantastic and has helped the team during a difficult season.

Joe Brockington - Tennis - Southern Wesleyan University

Training with Trisha

Working with Trisha has helped me improve my mental skills and techniques, such as focus, motivation, confidence, visualization, goal-setting, and more. By working on these mental skills, I have showed signs of improvement of athletic performance and overall mental health, which has lead me to greater success and fulfillment in my athletic career.


Drew Costelow - University of Colorado - Track and Cross Country

Training with Trisha

Trisha has guided me through various stages of my volleyball journey. She has helped me to develop the tools and affirmations I need to strengthen my mental game and build confidence in myself. Her motivation and encouragement have pushed me to heights I didn’t know I could reach. I am truly blessed to have Trisha in my life, her knowledge, guidance and support have helped to make me the player I am today.


Madi Crowe - Volleyball - Lewis Palmer HS

Training with Trisha

Working with Trisha has completely changed my game mentally and it has also improved my game consistency. She has helped me overcome my mental blocks and she’s made me feel more confident in my game. We’ve only worked together for a short period of time, but the results are showing and I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work with her.


Alex Vera - Soccer


Training with Trisha

Working on my mental game has greatly improved my performance and consistency every time I step up to the line. With Trisha’s help I have been able to compete with confidence and know that I am at my best in every competition. Having a strong mind has also allowed me to maximize my potential to get the most out of training and competing. Through her excellent coaching and vast knowledge on the subject, Trisha has given me all the tools necessary to take my game to the next level.

Porter Warren - Track & CrossCountry - Valor Christian

Training with Trisha

Through my work with Trisha this season, the way I approach basektball has changed completely. I have always known how important it is to stay in the gym and practice, but no I know training my mind is just as important. Trisha has given me many tools that have helped me grow through adversity this year and I will be able to continue to use these tools in basketball and in life. 

EJ Harper 

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