Here is what our Champion Athletes are saying after completing MOC Training:

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"The Mind of a Champion program and specifically the Iron Sharpens Iron Course are AWESOME!!!!  I think the growth that takes place over the six weeks speaks for itself. I just haven't seen that anywhere else. I loved meeting new girls with similar values and goals and being able to talk openly with things we've struggled with or learned or succeeded in. The course has helped me develop a strong sense of identity and purpose in my sport, but also in life. I feel like I am a better athlete, teammate, employee, daughter, friend, and student because of the lessons I've learned in this course. Being in a group with other talented athletes has pushed me to be better and given me the tools to do so."

Camden Strain Freshmen 6-2 OH Snow Colle

Camden Strain - Snow College

tyler lindgren

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"This course allows you to virtually connect with other aspiring leaders like yourself. You are given a multitude of resources that are easily applied to your life and your sport. You will be challenged to lead like never before. You will hear inspiring stories that motivate you to step up, re-evaluate, and improve your leadership style. This course is what you make of it and an opportunity to take your mindset, performance, and leadership to the next level."

Tyler Lindgren - Temple University

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"This course is incredible! I have benefited so much since starting this course and my mindset has expanded so much. It has allowed me to think about all aspects of my sport in a new light and has better equipped me to handle obstacles and hardships to use as launchpads to benefit me in the future. This course has made me think about myself as an athlete and teammate and delve into my purpose behind playing. It brought me back to my roots of volleyball and allowed me to remember how far I've come. Because of this course, I'm more confident in my ability to move forward."


"I now can recognize the path I have moving forward not just in my sport, but in life and how I can get there. This course leaves me more motivated for each lesson. Each week, I feel like I gain a better sense of self and learn about mental toughness that will help me face any trials in life. I love this course and I truly am so thankful to be apart of it! It is so so special."

Catie Semadeni

Catie Semadeni -  University of Montana

Lauren Strain.png

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"I love this course. It has helped me to realize that I am not alone in my struggle of feeling inadequate or beaten down. It has helped me to acknowledge my weaknesses and come up with a plan to strengthen them. It has helped me to identify the traits of a good leader and begin to grow those traits within myself. I have been able to come up with a plan for when I am faced with failure or setbacks. I have come to realize that every athlete, no matter how amazing they are, they struggle with similar things I do. By learning how to overcome these struggles, I can help others whom I come into contact with, do the same. I have also learned to embrace failure, because failure is an excellent opportunity for me to learn and grow, and it also allows others to learn from me. Most importantly, I have learned that I don't need to play for anybody besides God. He will never love me any less when I make mistakes and when I have Him in my heart, nothing can stop me from becoming the player or person I want to be. "

Lauren Strain - UNC 

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"This course has helped me in more ways than one. It has shown me that failure is okay and you can either learn from it and grow or dwell on the failure. It has also opened my eyes to overcoming a life ambush which can sometimes feel like you can never get over it but trust me, you can if you do Iron Sharpens Iron. This course has not only shown me how to turn negatives into positives, but it has also shown me how much of an impact our brain has on performance and confidence. With the help of visualization and breathing techniques, you can become an amazing athlete. Learning about becoming a better leader has also been a big part of the course that I have enjoyed. It shows you how to take ownership, communicate, and be trustworthy for your teammates. With leadership, this course has shown me that others will follow you if you give them a reason to. In order to have that, you need to have self-respect and discipline. I love how this course dives deeper into the athlete as a whole and how to overall become a better person."

Ellie new.png

Ellie Garrett - Eastern Washington

Isabella profile pic.jpg

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

I came into this course looking for a remedy. My soul was broken, my mind spun, and my hope gone. Humbly, I used to be an athlete that was on top of the world. I was on fire. I lived for running as running lived through me. With lots of unfortunate matters, I completely lost the love for my sport and I felt unworthy. My worth came from the time on the clock and that alone. I thought I was failure, and I repeated that so much to myself that I believed it entirely. After two years of trying to get past the distractions of my past and trying to control what I could no longer control, I never really admitted to myself that this game all was in my head.  Joining this course made me realize that I am worthy, I can be great again, I am a leader, I love my sport to the fullest, and I am not defined by what I do but by who the Creator created me to be. This course taught me that I am enough and that I don't have to hit a certain time or win a specific race to be worthy of His love.

Isabella Prosceno - Valor Christian

MOC  1-0N-1  |  LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"Working one on one with Coach Kroll was probably one of the best decisions I have made. I was not competing to my highest potential. My mind wasn’t strong, and I was held captive to my emotions and nerves on race day. I never felt in control of my mind and I would take myself out of the race before I even started because I was so focused on the outcome and not failing. I can’t say that now I am never worried about failing or worried about what the outcome of a race might be, but I can say that working with Coach Kroll has given me the tools to be more in control of what my mind dwells on before races. She has been a constant encourager and supporter to me and my struggle to become mentally tougher. I don’t know what kind of runner, or teammate I would be without her help!."

"The live small group course has taught me so much. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone as we talk about our struggles within our sport with each other. It has taught me how to be a leader, and how to lead my team with humility.  This course has not only taught me how to be a better athlete and leader but a better person too."

Taylor Whitfield.png

Taylor Whitfield - Valor Christian

MOC  1-0N-1  Training

Emily Little New.png

“Before I started working with Trisha, I was a runner who gave up in the face of pain, feared failure, and felt like I was drowning in the cycle of trying to perform, but not living up to my God-given potential or expectations. I met Trisha at the Jim Ryun Running Camp in Colorado and used many of her tidbits that she shared with us there. However, I still struggled on my own. One day my Mom encouraged me to call Trisha and it is something that I will never regret. Trisha began by reordering my thoughts that lead to my emotions that lead to my beliefs about myself as a person and a runner. She changed my perspective of myself and taught me that my value comes from whom God created me to be and not what I do on the racecourse and she helped me re-frame my views of failure as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Although training the very powerful mind God has given us is a lot of work and takes a long time, I have come a long way thanks to Trisha's hard work and help. Trisha has helped me discover how to control my mind. “

Emily Little - Furman University 

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

Christian foxworth pic.JPG

Christian Foxworth- Niwot

I was once a kid who broke down from my mental game and it cost me. After taking this course I was able to start and try to overcome that fear of making mistakes and being perfect."

varshini pic.JPG

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

The Iron Sharpens Iron Course has really helped me develop my mental game. This course has helped me dig deeper and understand what is holding me back in my performance. I have learned a lot about myself through journaling and the work given through this course. I have learned to become less frustrated and I have learned that in order to grow I must fail. My perspective on many things, such as failure, has grown and changed through this course. This course has improved my mental game and I can see changes on and off the court."

Varshini Panuganti- Niwot

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I


​Quincey Coyle - Mead High School​

​  "Taking this course will 100% improve your game in any sport you do. You learn how to control your thinking and how to use it to help you perform better in everything you do. Even if you think you are mentally tough, taking this course can improve you even more. "  

Testimonial from Coach whose took Iron Sharpen Iron I with her team.

Mikayla pic.JPG

"Iron Sharpens Iron is doing wonders for my team. You can notice a change not only from the dialogue that the girls have had since starting this course but also the way that they walk into the gym when it's training time. I can see that they are unified and that they all are focused on one goal when they step foot in the gym. I think the course so far has taught the girls that the things that challenge them and the things that make them work are the things that mean the most when they are accomplished. And on top of that, it has taught them that they can do any hard thing that they want to do if you just set your mind to it. Having live video calls with one another has allowed the team to grow not only individually but also as a team. It has allowed them to connect better and to realize that some of the things that are hard for one person are also hard for another. I think that it is important for an athlete to know that they aren't alone when they are struggling and doing this training together has allowed for them to open up and talk about those things. This course is building the girls' mindset no doubt! They understand now that they can do hard things and that they can succeed in them. And when they don't, they have learned how to react to failure and recover from it. "

Mikayla Martinez - HEAD VB COACH, Mead High School 

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"This course has been very beneficial and has helped me learn a lot about leadership and helps me think about myself and what I can improve on and how I can help others."

8th grader - Brooklyn Park Minnesota 

MOC  LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"In this course, it has been really great to hear that other girls are going through a lot of the same things that I am both in sports and life. This course has shown me a lot of my weaknesses and strengths both in my mindset and as a leader.  In the few short weeks of this course, I have already been able to implement the things I have learned and have even shared some of them with some people that are close with me and it impacted their mindset as well. 

Jolie Bond - Junior,  Swink HS

MOC 1-ON-1 Training

"I would tell my friends that if I seem happier just in general, Trish my volleyball mental coach has helped me understand more that I'm not alone in volleyball and life problems, and I'm grateful because she's helped me a lot and is a good listener. She helped me through my dark mindset and helped me get a brighter mindset and she taught me that I can't control everyone and everything I can only control myself and my mindset. How I grew as an athlete, is I don't try to control my teammates anymore or think about it a lot I only try to control myself and what I do.  I am more confident when I make mistakes and I get over it faster."

8th grader - Broomfield, CO

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"When I started the course I had a mind set of I am doing this alone and I am the only one going through life with these struggles of comparison and perfectionism and fear of failure. But after starting the course it gave me a new perspective. and being able to talk about what is going on and getting tools on how to solve them."

Freshmen -  Niwot HS

LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"I think that this course is talking about the things that you don't really talk about with anyone else. I am learning so much about myself and why my brain reacts the way that it does. It is fascinating. I love being able to get together and grow. So far this course has given me a new perspective on my mindset and leadership skills. This course is helping me get more tools and recognizing things about myself and that is making me a better athlete.."

Junior - Ft. Collins CO

MOC 1-ON-1 TRAINING  |   LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Iron Sharpens Iron I

"One on one training is very helpful and I have become a more mentally strong player/person."

"The Iron Sharpens Iron course helps with not only mental toughness, but confidence and how to become a leader."

9th grader - Wiggins CO