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What is Mindset Training & Mental Toughness?

Mindset Coaching maximizes your ability to perform when it counts. So many athletes come to us thinking they are broken or not enough when they perform inconsistently or choke under pressure but in reality, their mind isn’t broken it is just untrained. Research says that mental toughness is 70% of an athlete's game but why then is 95% of the average athlete’s training focused on training their physical body and very little if any training is focused on training the athlete’s mind. True transformation begins when an athlete is given the tools to train their mind so they can begin to unleash their greatest potential. 

Why Mindset Training will take you to the next level.

What Results May Athletes Expect?

Athletes who are most successful in this program are willing to try new things and step out of their comfort zone, have an open mind to what we are learning, and show up willing to engage and focus. 

Anticipated outcomes include improved confidence; greater composure; keener concentration because of increased ability to cope with distractions; and entering the zone faster and staying there longer.

Do I Need To Be Local To Receive Training?

Mind of a Champion (MOC) is based in Colorado, but we work with teams and athletes from anywhere.

We offer in-person sessions for teams or individuals in the Greater Denver area. We also offer FaceTime, Zoom Web Conferencing options for those anywhere throughout the US.

Do You Work With Teams, Coaches, & Corporations?

Yes.  We offer workshops, camps, and coach training.

Positive outcomes at the team level include enhanced confidence, better focus, an increase in practice efficiency, and team unity. I can also help teams in a slump identify why performance is dipping and how certain mental game strategies can positively impact their performance.

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