Iron Sharpens Iron

12 Weeks Course

Saturdays | 8pm | Feb 27-May 22



  • This course is named Iron Sharpens Iron from the verse that says “As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17
  • One of the key concepts of this course is to be able to learn and grow alongside other like minded athletes that share similar fears and challenges. Hearing another athlete say, “Me too!” can lift a fog of discouragement and give an athlete incredible hope, that they too can be sharpened and overcome the obstacle they are facing.
  • This class will meet every other week for 12 weeks over zoom. If you ever have to miss a session it will be recorded. 
  • You will review the lessons learned in Iron Sharpens Iron I and Iron Sharpens II and will go much deeper into consistently applying:
    • Pre, mid, and post competition routines, highlight reels, pre-competition music playlists, visualizations, and how to decrease your fear of failure and build confidence, resilience, and leadership.

    • Evaluating and coming up with solutions for your mental obstacles that you face.

    • Learning to play present and clear non benefical mental chatter.

    • Learning about what it means to compete in the zone or flow state and how to perform in that optimal performance state more consitently.

    • Players will be assigned homework after each session and one time during the 12 weeks they will be given a case study of an athlete and be asked to present Mental Training Plan for that athlete to the class during one of the 12 weeks. The regular activities/routines/homework should require less then 10 minutes a day. 

ISI III Saturdays 8pm 12 Week Course

  • Saturdays | 8pm | Feb 27 -May 22

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